Updated: 2014-04-04

1. How do I get a visa for study in China?

International students apply for an “X” or “F” visa at the closest Chinese embassy or consulate-general for study in China with the following (and a copy):
a. Visa application (JW201 or JW202)
b. Notification of admission
c. Physical examination
d. Valid passport

2. What visa can I apply for?
International students can get one of three visas:
X study visa for study or an internship for more than six months
F business visa for study of less than six months
F group visa for a group of students staying for less than 6 months

3. Are Shanghai living costs high?

While living costs in the city are rising, the cost of living can be affordable and even relatively lower than for other major cities. School accommodations run around 1,000-2,000 yuan, per semester, while an average meal can cost around 20-30 yuan. Public transportation (buses or subway) within the city costs around 2 yuan.

4. I have insurance in the US, do I need to pay for it in China?

International students have to buy both medical and personal injury insurance. You can buy it either in your country or in China after arrival.
5. What scholarships are available for study in Shanghai?

There are normally three types of scholarships available for international students in tertiary education: Chinese government scholarship, Shanghai government scholarships, and university scholarships. Visit the website http://www.study-shanghai.org/Scholarship_en.asp for more information or contact the specific university for more information. 

6. What do I do to apply for a Shanghai government scholarship?

The following gives some more information on the application process, with instructions for each step:
a. Contact the specific university/institution in Shanghai, by checking:

b. Check your eligibility for a full scholarship (Class A), partial scholarship (Class B) or excellent scholarship (Class C). Students who do not have an offer from their university, may be eligible to check: http://www.study-shanghai.org/Scholarship_en.asp

c. The Shanghai government scholarship application must be completed and submitted online, accompanied by a hard copy, by going to: 

d. Send the application documents to the specific university. You can check your status online or contact the university around the end of July.

7. Can I get a part-time job during my studies in China?

International students in China are not allowed to get a part-time job. Instead, it is recommended that you apply for a scholarship. It is also advised that you make a budget before coming since the tuition in China is paid on an annual basis.

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