Cultural Life

Shanghai is the birthplace of Haipai culture, which combines southern and Western cultures and is what admirers think of as the soul of a city that never sleeps.

The term Haipai (‘Shanghai style’ was coined by a group of Beijing writers, in 1920, as a form of criticism of some Shanghai scholars whose style of writing they considered too admiring of money and Western culture.

Belgian iconic comic figure Tintin opens first shop in Shanghai

First flagship theme shop in Shanghai.  Read More

Cultural Life

Shanghai is the birthplace of Haipai culture.

Shanghai exhibition to mark life of painter Pu Xinyu

Pu Xinyu's (1896-1963) reputation as an artist and connoisseur.  Read More

When lanterns light up Shanghai

This year, the festival focuses on the growth and achievements of the city.  Read More

Shanghai plans new opera house, equestrian park

Shanghai plans to this year commence construction of an opera theater and an equestrian park.  Read More

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