Shanghai is known for its avant-garde approach to things, and it has a well flavor of life, making it the ideal place for living, whether it’s sitting around sipping a glass of champagne at the Old Jazz Bar, or enjoying the colorful, glittering night scenery along the Huangpu River, with the sea breeze kissing your face, you’ll find how refreshing it can be.

There’s the exotic cuisine and diversified range of traditional Chinese foods that will never let you down. Another great idea is to go looking for some top items in the time-honored brand name or vogue shops.

QR code, new pass to Chinese subway

Shanghai metro allows QR code payment through the whole subway network since Jan 20.  Read More


The pace of life in the city will make you feel touching the world every now and then.

The gym comes to you in the sharing economy

Fitness buffs needn't necessarily "go to the gym."  Read More

Live-stream quizzes - China's latest online phenomenon

People all over China are racking their brains to recall high school knowledge。  Read More

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