Student Stories

Students come here from many different countries for a wide range of disciplines, but they all have one thing in common — study in Shanghai, China’s most attractive and alluring modern city.

Students share their stories about their life in Shanghai, the happiness, the experiences, as well as the problems they encounter. So, if diverse cultures are what interest you or you’re crazy about the Chinese language, why not join them? Shanghai’s your best choice.
35 student stories
Magdi Elamin Gibril
Raja Amjad Waheed Khan
Anastasia Dobrogost
Amanda Robyn Maclean
Chai Yuan-chang
Pak Anastassiya
Ik Soo Yoo
Chai Jia Ying
Oh Sun Young
Tan Wentien
Lau Yee Ping
Cindy Lu
Prabhu Saish Maheshwar
Lweis James
Huang Xiuzhi
Mishi Saran
Zhong Yanqiao
Ban Cai
Pelayo Maye
Feng Ai
Baba Risa
Di Na
Ning Jing
Justine Luvanda
Li Zhencheng
Na Lisha
Ke Han
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