Shanghai Sundai School 2015-03-19

Sundai was founded by Toshiharu Yamazaki in Tokyo, and has a history of 90 years.

Shanghai Qinghai Korea Academy 2015-03-19

The Purpose of school is to offer students of Korean Nationality supplementary lessons.

Shanghai Imainihonjin Center 2015-03-19

Shanghai Imainihonjin Center is a learning center for Janpanese students.

Toshin International Afterschool 2015-03-19

The school brings up its students into abilities to distinguish, to learn and to act interpersonal skills. Our educational goal is to cultivate the international talented students, having the mind to observe and act by themselves.

Shanghai Educational Academy 2015-03-19

Shanghai Educational Academy got ratification by SMEC as a private school (supplemental learning center) in Shanghai.

Shanghai Kosei Academy 2015-03-19

KOSEI Academy is an educational institute authorized by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission which provides Korean students in Shanghai with optimal educational services.

Shanghai Hishou Japanese Continuation Study Center 2015-03-19

SHANGHAI HISHOU JAPANESE CONTINUATION STUDY CENTER has been engaging in teaching Japanese children living in Shanghai.

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