Intl students active in garbage sorting
Updated: 2019-04-04

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International students from East China Normal University in Shanghai pose for a group photo at a garbage sorting campaign on April 4. [Photo from WeChat account ecnuiso]

Some 60 students from over 20 countries at East China Normal University engaged in a campaign to sort out trash and protect the environment on April 4.

The campaign was answering the Shanghai government's call to classify garbage and enhance international students' awareness of environmental protection.

The day began with international students writing down their wishes for a green future and a green Earth on leaf-shaped notes, and then they posted them on the wall to form an "ecological tree".

Huang Meixu, director at the school's global education center, extended her wishes for the students to cooperate with the cleaners in garbage sorting, which is a small step but will make great contribution to the campus and the Earth.

"You may feel inconvenient at the beginning, but I hope you can take the first step," Huang said.

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Students leave their wishes on leaf-shaped notes. [Photo from WeChat account ecnuiso]

William Detwiler, an exchange student from the Georgetown University in the United States, said environmental problems are an issue faced by the government and the public alike. He encouraged all international students to join in local garbage sorting efforts and reduce the use of plastic products.

Takashi Shibuya, a Chinese language student from Japan, a trash-sorting actor since his childhood, said plastic is a great invention but its degradation-resistance has made it one of the main sources of environment pollution in modern times. He encouraged his fellow schoolmates to protect the environment from slightly changing their living habits.

Quelen Guedes, a first-year doctorate student of International Relations from Brazil, also called on everyone to sort their rubbish.

"It's a global issue and it will never change if we do not take the first step," she said.

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Students leave their wishes on leaf-shaped notes. [Photo from WeChat account ecnuiso]

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