Teachers share ideas on language teaching 2019-01-22

Teachers at East China University of Science and Technology held a salon on Jan 16, brainstorming the possible approaches of enhancing international education.

Intl students bid farewell to ECUST 2019-01-21

Roughly 30 international students at East China University of Science and Technology got their Chinese language certificate issued by the university on Jan 16.

Overseas students explore Chinese culture at SHU 2019-01-21

International students from Shanghai University attended a campus activity on Jan 4, seeking the roots of Chinese culture.

Shanghai home to largest foreign worker population in China 2019-01-20

Shanghai has topped the country in terms of the number of foreign workers, with its population of foreigners accounting for 23.7 percent of the national total of more than 900,000.

China among most popular destinations for Aussie students' short-term overseas study 2019-01-18

China and the United States were the most popular destinations for Australian students when considering short-term overseas study.

Shanghai releases white paper on AI in healthcare sector 2019-01-17

A white paper on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare sector was recently released in Shanghai, Pudong Times reported on Jan 16.

British city Liverpool to turn red to celebrate twinning with Shanghai 2019-01-16

City Hall officials in Liverpool announced Tuesday a plan of three days of celebrations over Chinese New Year to mark the 20th anniversary of its twinning with Shanghai.

400 English courses now available for international students in Shanghai 2019-01-15

A new group of English-delivered curricula for international students at Shanghai universities were included by the municipal education commission as model courses on Jan 8.

TCM school to enhance clinical education strength 2019-01-15

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Eheart Chinese Medicine Outpatient Department launched a jointly -run clinical education base on Jan 4.

Intl students share Laba Festival charity tradition 2019-01-14

International students at Shanghai Polytechnic University braved the piercing wind and served soy milk, hot water and laba porridge to security, sanitation and cafeteria workers on Jan 13, China's traditional Laba Festival.

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