Students in Italy thrilled by Xi's praise 2019-03-25

When students at Rome's Convitto Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II international high school wrote to President Xi Jinping, they did not expect he would reply.

Intl students try hand at clay sculpture and paper-cutting 2019-03-23

Shanghai Jiao Tong University held a clay sculpture and paper-cutting activity on March 23, inviting international students to explore Chinese traditional culture.

Intl students enjoy Longtaitou Festival celebrations 2019-03-21

International students from Shanghai University engaged in the celebrations of Longtaitou Festival, or Dragon-Head-Raising Festival, at a cultural village in Shanghai on March 8.

University in Shanghai boasts full 5G coverage 2019-03-21

Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology has become China's first university to have full 5G coverage on its campus.

An American 'homesick' for China 2019-03-20

Kayla Raden, a former high school chemistry and biology teacher from New Jersey, went to China from 2016 to 2017.

ECNU to hold a school open day 2019-03-19

East China Normal University in Shanghai is to hold a school open day on March 26, inviting potentially interested students have a look round the campus and learn about the university.

Orientation week activities at Donghua University 2019-03-19

Donghua University in Shanghai rolled out a variety of activities for the orientation of new international students recently.

Intl student take a glimpse into Chinese culture 2019-03-18

The East China University of Science and Technology held a lecture on March 8, inviting international students to take a glimpse into Chinese culture.

Psychological counseling green channel opens for intl students at SJTU 2019-03-18

Shanghai Jiao Tong University recently opened a psychological counseling green channel for international students.

Chinese handicraft knots intl students 2019-03-15

A lecture on Chinese knot making was held at East China University of Science and Technology for international students on March 14.

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