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Established in 1912 as the Jiangsu Provincial Fisheries School, the university has a century of traditions and over time, it has become a multi-disciplinary school with courses in agriculture, the sciences, engineering, economics, management, and the arts. 

It gained its current name in 2008 and moved to the Lingang New City in line with Shanghai’s overall university plan. The university offers 43 bachelor’s programs, 25 master’s programs, eight doctoral programs, and a postdoctoral research center.

The school has around 12,000 students and 1,000 staff members.  It has several key laboratories, including one for Aquatic Genetic Resources under the Ministry of Education. Its library holds 845,000 books and 389,000 e–books on fisheries, marine science, and food, and a China Fisheries Network that works with China’s fishing industry. 

The university also has close relations with universities and international organizations around the world, and has taken part in a Sino-US project on marine resources for a long time.

Shanghai Ocean University


Prospective students from abroad must be at least 18 years of age. 

Shanghai Ocean University


Courses in Chinese

1. Application fee: 400 yuan

2. Registration fee: 125 yuan/term

3. Tuition



  Start of term


Liberal Arts

19,800 yuan/yr



21,500 yuan/yr


Liberal Arts

23,240 yuan/yr



26,460 yuan/yr


Liberal Arts

26,560 yuan/yr



28,940 yuan/yr

Chinese language


9,100 yuan/term


Available year-round


2,150 yuan/month


1,240 yuan/half-month


496 yuan/week

Special tutor

165 yuan /period

4. Accommodation 

International Student Apartments

  Double room: 5,000 yuan/yr

  Single room: 10,000 yuan/yr

  (These are four-bedroom apartments that share a bathroom with hot water shower. The bedrooms come with a wardrobe, A/C, telephone, 

and network connection. There are charges for telephone, Internet, bedding, water and electricity use.)

University hotel

Single room: 150 yuan/day

Comfortable single: 200 yuan/day (includes private bathroom with hot water shower, bedding, A/C, color TV, telephone and Internet access) 

 Standard double room: 180 yuan/day

Comfortable double room: 220 yuan/day (includes private bathroom with hot water shower, bedding, A/C, color TV, telephone and 

Internet access) 

 5. Food

 Around 20 yuan/day ($3) for the student dining room and around 35 yuan/day ($5) for the Muslim student dining room.


Shanghai Ocean University

Undergraduate Programs


Biological Science


Environmental Science

Marine Management

Marine Fishery Science and Technology

Machine Design Manufacture Automation

Food Science and Engineering

Food Quality and safety

International Economics & Trade

Food Economy Management

General Administration

Computer Science and Technology

Information Management & Information Systems


Shanghai Ocean University

Postgraduate Programs

Industrial Economics

Agricultural Economics &Management

Mechanical Design & Theory

Food Science & Engineering

Environmental Science


Fishery Economics & Management

Fishery Environment Protect and Government

Marine Biology

Computer Applied Technology


Shanghai Ocean University

PhD Programs


Science of Fisheries Resources

Fishery Economics & Management

Fishery Environment Protect and Government



Shanghai Ocean University

Chinese Programs

Applicant must be:
1. Non-Chinese national in good health.
2. Below the age of 60.
Spring semester: Feb - July. Application deadline is Jan 10.
Autumn Semester: Sept - Jan. Application deadline is June 30.
Compulsory courses: speaking, intensive reading, listening, reading, writing, China survey.

Optional: commercial Chinese, tourism Chinese, standard pronunciation, common spoken Chinese, HSK training, and traditional culture, including calligraphy, paper cutting, erhu (fiddle), kungfu, traditional opera (course availability depends on enrollment)

Application: 400yuan
Tuition: 9,100 yuan/semester
Accommodation: 5,000 yuan/ year
Each room comes with a shower, air conditioner, telephone, fridge, and microwave oven. (Note: water and electricity bill is paid by the student)

About 20 yuan/day in the school cafeteria (about $3.00)
About 35 yuan/day in the Muslim cafeteria

Short-term Chinese program
Summer-vacation: July – Aug; application deadline June 20.
Winter-vacation: Jan – Feb; application deadline Dec 20.

Intensive Chinese reading, Chinese listening, Chinese conversation, and China survey. The program also has two culture course options in calligraphy, paper cutting, or erhu playing, kungfu, traditional opera, tai chi, or songs.

Application: 400 yuan
Tuition: 2,150 yuan/mo, 1,240 yuan/2 weeks, 165 yuan/hr for one-on-one tutorial

Standard double room: 180 yuan/day
Comfortable double room: 220 yuan/day
Standard single room: 150 yuan/day
Comfortable single room: 200 yuan/day

About 20 yuan/day in the school cafeteria
About 35 yuan/day in the Muslim cafeteria

Note: Short visits to places of interest near Shanghai are available, but students cover the cost.


Shanghai Ocean University

English-taught Programs

Shanghai Ocean University

Non-degree Programs

Shanghai Ocean University


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