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Shanghai Sanda is a private university founded by Shanghai Jiaotong University, Peking University, and Tsinghua University in 1992. It has spirit, principles, and serious, strict management and works hard to build itself into a first-class international university to produce refined, qualified, talented people with vision and innovative insights. 

Sanda has two campuses - in Shanghai and Jiashan, Zhejiang Province – with the main one, in Pudong, adjacent to the Zhangjiang New High-Tech Development Zone and Jinqiao Development Zone. It has 106 state-of-the-art laboratories and rooms for scientific development and to give talented students applied knowledge and skills. It also has 168 internship sites to provide internships and hands-on practice in companies and organizations. Sanda also has student exchange and teacher training programs with universities from 10 countries and a comprehensive library with more than a million books, 1.4 million e-books and more than 5,000 electronic publications.

Sanda offers 25 undergraduate degree programs in business, law, literature, science, engineering, medical sciences, management, and the arts. It has 510 full-time faculty and staff, and 11,953 students. Its international student program is still in its infancy, but it does offer small, interactive classes that create a learning experience with more personal attention. And the International Student Office provides outstanding support, and can help international students find what they need to assist them in their studies and life here. The office is entirely dedicated to meeting their needs and to making their time at Sanda fruitful and meaningful. 

Sanda University


Sanda University



Undergraduate programs: 16,000 yuan/yr
Undergraduate global business: 20,000 yuan/yr 
Chinese language: 8,000 yuan/semester
Short-term Chinese language: 
  1,800 yuan/2 wks
  2,800 yuan/3 wks
  3,800 yuan/4 wks
  800 yuan/additional wk
Business Chinese: 2,500 yuan/2 wks  1,000 yuan/additional wk

Double room: 60 yuan/day 

Application: 400 yuan

Health insurance: 800 yuan/yr 

Sanda University

Undergraduate Programs

1. English
2. English (Journalism)
3. Japanese
4. Spanish
5. Computer Science and Technology
6. Information Management and Information System
7. E-Commerce
8. International Economics and Trade
9. Global Business (Sanda-Rider Joint Program)
10. Finance
11. Accounting
12. Financial Management
13. Marketing
14. Law
15. Tourism Management
16. Hospitality Management
17. Project Management (Development and Management of Real Estate)
18. Administration Management
19. Administration Management (Food Quality and Safety)
20. Labor and Social Security
21. Visual Communication Design
22. Environment Art Design
23. Product Design
24. Fashion Design
25. Journalism
26. Journalism (Media Management)
27. Nursing
28. Rehabilitation Therapy

Sanda University

Postgraduate Programs

Sanda University

PhD Programs

Sanda University

Chinese Programs

The Chinese Language Program welcomes students with Chinese Language levels from beginner to advanced. This program focuses on developing students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills while providing a true Chinese college experience. The program is also flexible to accommodate students who would like to come just for short term to improve their Chinese skills.

Program Highlights:
• Small classes so each student will get personal attention
• Instructors with advanced degrees and years of teaching experience
• Innovative classroom technology
• International Students Office offers comprehensive support before coming to campus, including pre-arrival information, and new student orientation.
• Guaranteed on-campus housing (double rooms)
• Full access to University clubs, activities, resources and services, including the library, student recreation center and health services as well as events and social activities provided by Sanda University

1. Chinese language (one or two semesters)
Pronunciation, Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Listening/Speaking, Writing, Grammar, Culture of Chinese Characters, Basic Information about China, Appreciation of Chinese Classic Poems, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Folk Songs, Shanghai History and Culture, and etc.
2. Chinese Courses + English Courses + Internship (One semester);
Two months for language and cultural study and the other two for internship practice.
* Courses Taught in Chinese
Conversation in Chinese, Reading, Basic Writing, Chinese Cooking, Tai Chi Exercise and other courses relating to Chinese culture
* Courses Taught in English
Introduction to Business, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Financial Accounting / Introduction to Accounting, Introduction to Finance, Principles of Marketing, Probability and Statistics, Managerial Accounting, Management Information System, Social and Legal Environment of Business, Organizational Behavior, Production and Operations Management, Strategic Management, Pedagogy, Psychology, Didactics, Applied Linguistics, Foreign Trade Practice, Intercultural Communication in Business, Business Writing, British and American Literature.
3. Chinese Language (Short-term, from two weeks to four weeks, or tailored to the needs of students)
Conversation in Chinese, Reading, Basic Writing, Chinese Cooking, Tai Chi Exercise and other courses relating to Chinese culture
4. Business Chinese(from two to four weeks)
Business Chinese, Business Administration in China, Seminars in Chinese Business Law, Field Visit to Chinese Companies, Internship and etc.

Number of Hours:
20 class hours per week

Entrance Requirements: 
There are no academic requirements to enter the programs.  Students will be placed into an appropriate level. Applicant must be a citizen of a foreign country over 18 years of age, in good mental and physical health.

Application Materials:
1.Application Form for International Students (Application available at;
2. Photo Copy of the passport;
3. Four passport photos;
4. Copy of Remittance for Application Fee;
5. Health Examination Record (if staying in China for more than 6 months)

Start Dates: September and February

Sanda University

English-taught Programs

Sanda University

Non-degree Programs

Sanda University


Address: Sanda University, International Student Office, 2727 Jinhai Rd, Pudong district, Shanghai, 201209
Tel: +86-21-2026-2687
Fax: +86-21-2026-2686

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