Shanghai Dianji University


Shanghai Dianji is a polytechnic centered on engineering, with two campuses, at Lin’gang and Minhang. Its major disciplines are Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, with the emphasis on practice and skills. It has 24 undergraduate programs, one postgraduate program, more than 1,100 staff members and around 12,500 students.


Shanghai Dianji University


Graduated from senior high school or same level;

HSK level 4 or higher;

Proficient in English reading, writing, listening and speaking for those who apply for English teaching programs.


Shanghai Dianji University



Bachelor's Degree Program

15,000 yuan/year
Chinese Language Program 12,000 yuan/year


One-bed Room

1,000 yuan/month

Two-bed Room

500 yuan/month


Insurance: 800 yuan/year


Shanghai Dianji University

Undergraduate Programs

Automation (English Program)

International Economy and Trade (English Program)

School of Electrical Engineering
1. Electrical Engineering & Automation Technology
2. Automation
3. Measurement & Control Technology and Instrument
4. New Energy Science and Engineering

School of Mechanical Engineering
1. Mechanical Engineering & Automation
2. Material Formation & Control Engineering
3. Mechanical Electronics Engineering

School of Electronics & Information
1. Computer Science & Technology
2. Electronics & Information Engineering
3. Communication Engineering
4. Software Engineering
5. Network Engineering
6. Internet of Things Engineering

School of Automobile
1. Automobile Service Engineering
2. Automobile Engineering

School of Business
1. International Economy and Trade
2. Finance Management
3. Industrial Engineering
4. Marketing
5. Logistics Management
6. Quality Management Engineering
7. Energy Economy

School of Foreign Languages
1. English
2. German

School of Design and Art
1. Industrial Design
2. Product Design

Shanghai Dianji University

Postgraduate Programs

Shanghai Dianji University

PhD Programs

Shanghai Dianji University

Chinese Programs

Shanghai Dianji University

English-taught Programs

Shanghai Dianji University now has two English teaching bachelor's degree programs (NO HSK certificate needed) 

1. International Economy & Trade (School of Business)

Core courses
International Economics
International Trade
Currency and Bank
Basic Accounting
Import and Export Trade Practice


2. Automation (School of Electrical Engineering)
Course Description: The course focuses on the basic concepts of automatic control, mathematic model, time domain analysis, root locus, frequency domain analysis and compensation of the control system. This course requires students to grasp the time domain analysis, root locus, frequency domain analysis and compensation by frequency domain analysis. Understand the principle of the automatic control system and the application of the control theory. In addition, on teaching, the course emphasizes on basic theory and method of feedback control system, grasp the analysis, design method of the control system, And can be applied in subsequent courses in the theory and methods of analysis and design of the control systems.

Core courses
Theory of Electrical Circuit
Analog Electronic Technology
Digital Electronic Technology
Principle of Microcomputer and Interface Technology
Principle of Automatic Control
Principle and Application of PLC
Sensors & Testing Technology
DCS and Field Bus Technology
Computer Control Technology
Process Control


Shanghai Dianji University

Non-degree Programs

Shanghai Dianji University


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