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Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences (SUMHS) is a newly established undergraduate medical school directly run by the Shanghai municipal government. It is formed by the original Shanghai Medical College, Shanghai Medical Device College, and Shanghai Health Vocational and Technical College.

The school has a history of more than 60 years. It has formed a distinctive combination of work and study and has also cultivated a large number of high-quality and highly-skilled medical talents, hence winning honorary titles like “Health Promoter”, “Cradle of White Angels”, and “Cradle of Medical Professionals”.

Focusing on the practical application of medical knowledge and skills, the school is made up of a professional faculty team, with professors and associate professors accounting for about 30 percent.

The school offers a variety of characteristic majors covering fields such as medical technology, clinical medicine, and medical apparatus and instruments.

In the past three years, the employment rate of SUMHS graduates has reached as high as 98 percent. The students’ professional matching rate is very high and they have played active roles in areas including medical treatment, public health, and medical apparatus and instruments.

SUMHS now has four affiliated hospitals, several teaching hospitals, and more than 10 national and city-level public training bases. It has also carried out close cooperation with over 100 high-level medical service agencies, medical device companies and testing organizations.

The school also has extensive and in-depth cooperation with dozens of universities and colleges in the US, UK, Germany and Japan, and has carried out various long-term talent cultivation programs.

SUMHS currently has three campuses – the Pudong Campus, Yangpu Campus and Xuhui Campus, with a total of area of nearly 800 mu and a building area of more than 600,000 square meters. The campuses are known for advanced facilities and beautiful campus atmosphere.

The Pudong Campus is the main campus of the school. It is located in the Shanghai International Medical Park, which provides favorable conditions for school-enterprise cooperation, interschool exchanges, teaching practice, and research and development.

At present, under the lead of Shanghai municipal government, SUMHS is moving rapidly towards the goal of developing itself into a unique medical school.

In the future, SUMHS will continue to engage in undergraduate education and strive to set up a development pattern with medical science and related majors taking the leading roles, while clinical medicine application, public health, and other majors taking complementary roles.

The school adheres to the principle of a work-study combination and encourages students to develop practical abilities, medical ethics, and doctor-patient relationships. By 2020, the school expects to enroll 12,000 full-time students (2,000 postgraduates and 10,000 undergraduates).

Relying on high level professional faculty, SUMHS will develop its unique core competitiveness and become a renowned medical applied school both at home and abroad.

Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences


Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences


Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Undergraduate Programs

1. Clinical Medicine
2. Nursing
3. Rehabilitation
4. Biomedical Engineering
5. Medical Imaging Technology
6. Medical Examination Technology
7. Pharmacy

Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Postgraduate Programs

Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences

PhD Programs

Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Chinese Programs

1. Elementary Chinese
2. HSK programs

Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences

English-taught Programs

The School of International Education at SUMHS has collaborated with the Bob Jones University in the US and set up a special nursing program. The program includes 15 foreign teachers and enrolls approximately 300 students every year.

In the past three years, graduates have reached an employment rate of more than 98 percent, while 99 percent of them have received both the graduation certificate and the professional nursing certificate issued by the Ministry of Health.

The program also includes five first-class local clinical training hospitals.

Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Non-degree Programs

The Shanghai International Nursing Skills Competition is organized annually by the Shanghai Nursing Vocational Education Group and SUMHS.

The competition is based on the principle of “unified standards and fair play” and aims to test and develop the contestants’ comprehensive clinical capabilities in assessment, exchange, operation, and teamwork.

It’s also an innovative way to train internationalized nursing professionals, which on one hand encourages frequent exchanges between students and teachers, and on the other hand establishes a platform for domestic and foreign nursing school and medical organizations to carry out more international cooperation and exchanges.

Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences


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